You are invited to join

the Circle of the submissive Sisterhood

We live all over the world… We are your neighbors, the confident lady that serves your coffee, your doctor or your housekeeper!  Most of us on this site are Married or in a Long Term Relationship.  Our Circle of fire has been forged one submissive at a time.  The Circle started with a few and grows everyday.  We do not seek quantity of members but quality submissives truly living the dynamics.  The Circle shall always burn brightly and go on infinitely.  When a submissive joins the Circle, her submission has already freely been given to her Dom/Master.  The Circle embraces challanges, discussions, sharing from all dynamic of submission!  The Circle focuses on those living D/s for at least one year but all submissives are Welcomed in the Circle!

 The Circle offers a submissive a place to grow her skills and Live the dynamics in VanillaLand.

The Circle is a living breathing safe place to lift up all dynamics.  We are to be respectful at all times.  We all have feelings, thoughts and our own kink.  Respectful discussion is how we share, learn and grow.  The Circle has zero tolerance for negativity, rudeness, lying, selfishness or malice towards others.  Many submissives have freely given their time so this Circle can burn brightly!