You are invited to join

the Circle of the submissive Sisterhood

We live all over the World. We are your your neighbors, the confident lady that serves your coffee, your doctor or your housekeeper!  


Our subCircle of fire has been forged one submissive at a time.  We started with a few and now have many! We do not seek a quantity of members nor will this site ever charge a fee or be for profit. We seek honorable submissives, those with integrity, truly living & embracing this Magical life.


Our Circle shall always burn brightly and go on infinitely.  You will find many submissives on the site that have already been collared living in a D/s relationship, DD, Master/slave and… 


We respect all dynamics. We, the subCircle, embrace all new submissives because; we all had a Day One.  Each submissive has a different Story of what brought us to our knees. You will feel the community of the subSisterhood a safe place to Learn, share, subPort and grow in your own submissive journey.  Maybe you just want to find out if you even are a submissive? Are you seeking to find the connection, some passion, a reconnection/new sexual way with your partner?


The Circle has zero tolerance for negativity, lying, selfishness or rudeness towards any different dynamics. There is no founder of BDSM or Dominant/submissive; there is no right or wrong way only you and your Dom’s way.  Many submissives freely give their time so the subCircle can burn brightly and submissives have subPort, a safe place, just a click away.




  So, you’re here… Now What? 


   Need/help- The site is subfriendly. Troubles? Please PM sub LT

 Topic pages– You will embark on different journeys with a subHost that is walking that path. There is a place to comment on articles or if you prefer PM the subHost for that page. Don’t be shy, ask away!

Check the Cumming Soon- (aka our calendar)  It is updated regularly, you don’t want to miss out on anything! 

  The subCircel– open 24/7 Live chat/subPort (you have to be a subSister Member to chat) 

 subLanding- is a Private-by-Invitation Chat. To attend, you will require a Key/password to enter, given by the sub hosting the event. What is discussed in subLanding, stays in subLanding; always

 TEXAS subTails- is a group that host events, meetings, and parties. It is okay that you’re not a Texan; you’re Invited anyway! 

 KINK Library KLUB- Our book club is a great way to start reading & discussing Erotica books. Yum! is a blog subPorted by The submissiveSisterHood. This is curveycat^^s Dom and is helpful for Dom’s New or Seasoned.