Littles LUV Christmas !  It is such a fun time of year to be LITTLE !  I’m not sure if its all the decorating, eating cookies, watching movies and ….  

For me it is the time of year that Sir really gets in the Spirit of his sub/LITTLE !  Most all my presents are wrapped in HK paper some even have a PINK bow LOL !  Of course, I eagerly wake up every morning to see where my Naughty Elf Peggy has gotten into !  I have several pairs of Christmas PJs  of course some with FEET !  So, this LITTLE wishes everysubbie/LITTLE a Magical Christmas !  I beginning my countdown today for Santa…join me.

I gave Sir my list he said he would make sure Santa got it ! Here are a few things I’m asking Santa for …I hope you will share back some things on your Santa list !


Dear Santa,

This is ^^sub I’ve been very good this year !  I would luv to have :

new markers

a HK clock

fuzzy pink slippers