Happy New Year ….everyone is sharing these 3 words!  

Will it be a Happy New Year for you and your Sir?

The end of another year is upon us… WOW that one ZOOMED by!  So, I ask myself “Will it be a Happy New Year for me and my Sir/family?”  For myself, I take tea.time to reflect over 2017.  I think about  the Joy, Sadness, Changes it brought me.  I understand and totally live my DsMarriage,  Life with some of these simple thoughts:

I am truly the only person that can change my own Life. That also includes how I will allow my family, friends, clients and the World to treat me. My Dom is my biggest supporter but, to Make changes, reach goals… It’s up to me to make those come true.  Each morning I wake up on this planet  it gives me an opportunity to choose, “How will I spend this day?”  “Who’s life will I touch?”  “How can I be a better submissive Wife, a better, stronger, healthier me?”  Don’t wait!  None of us knows when our time on this planet is over.  Closing the door on 2017,  the hurtful unhappy events, moving them into my  2017 parking lot of Life.  No, this doesn’t mean I forget them but, for the things that I have No control over, maybe a passing of someone, a bad situation in my Life, a health issue, all parked.   I do this because I Believe ^^ only has so much heart/brain storage LOL!  This allows me to make room for what 2018 will bring me.

We will be sharing and chatting on a New Year 2018 all of January.  What are your wants, goals, desires changes in yourself you want to work towards?    In your DsMarrage, what changes do you desire there?  Yes, Family too ….what changes do you need to make?  Your job/business changes& goals?   I believe all of our Life affects, changes and sometimes guides our Ds and our submissiveness. So, YES we will share, visit on Everything! I hope you will Join in the January Journey and allow your heart, soul and mind to be Open for positive changes in 2018.