This is by far my most favorite post to share !  Married 25+ and both of us can’t get enough of each other’s soul, spirit and SEX !  Recently we took our CINDERELLA weekend trip, Sir gave me tickets to the play for Christmas, EEKS !  What submissive with Sprinkles of Little doesn’t want to wear a gown with glass slipper and marry a PRINCE?

WOW !  I think I have done that with my Sir.  If you had asked me 5 years ago. how’s my marriage?, I would have said …MMMM   marriage is gone…We have allowed the corporate ladder, raising a family, doing it all turn our marriage into roommates with what Sir refers to as Mercy sex.   So, YES, It’s POSSIBLE to go from almost a GREY/Divorce to  DsMarriage Happily Ever After!  Our Ds journey would be a novel to share… So, I’ll go straight too it. We Both still Loved each other, we didn’t want a divorce.  I brought this new way to Sir and No I had not seen or read FSOG nor been to any sites… I had seen a DsMarried Christian based TV show ( it got cancelled ) that is what started my Heart and Hope to save my marriage.


Wait….back to The Magical CINDERELLA night!  It starts in the morning Sir gives me instruction on Everything!  What to wear, bring, times I’m allowed to check my cell phone…  I carefully dress for dinner and the theatre.  YES, I’m a girly girl, I want to look my Best!  I want my Sir to be Proud of his submissive.  When I greet Sir ready to go the Magic, subSpace begins… He tells me I’m the Most beautiful girl, he is stunned by the short pink dress and of course Sparkly shoes.  I feel wet! Off we go… The theater is spectacular,  the atmosphere is buzzing… men dressed in tuxes, suits and women in stunning dressing, heels, Furs and the champagne is flowing! The touches, kisses on the neck, naughty whispers from Sir all night are bringing me more towards subSpace, I feel it seeping in to my body.

We are silent as we ride the elevator taking us to the Sixteeth floor.  Sir opens the door, I kneel waiting for him to take me into our room.  I already have my instructions nothing but my collar to his bed.  I can see all Sirs favorite toys to use  on my body nicely laid out.  I’m getting that dark mind blowing joy.  subSpace takes me as my naked wet used body is pressed Hard on the window looking out at the city and all the lights…the Blurrrrr, the blackness is what I feel see when I travel to my Sirs subSpace.  Time stops, I hear Sir telling me what a good girl I am… I’m back from the Magic.

DsMarriage It’s POSSIBLE , CurveyCat ^^