Sirs Strip Tease Super Bowl Sunday! Dare to Bare?

Okz, here is how it plays. Whether, you’re a football fan or not don’t miss this fun with your Sir


If you’re at home alone with your Sir the field is wide open.

 You can still have fun if your having company for the game!

Don’t over –think it. Let’s just have some fun!


Sirs pick  team first

…sorry, subby you get the other team.

Touch downs/Field goals /Final score that it!

When your Sir’s team scores he tells you what item of clothing to remove OR if he prefers to add accessories nipple clamps, remote vibe, plugs… If you have never been around company/gone to the bathroom removed your panties/stuff them in your Sirs pocket your BOTH in for a treat!

When your team scores you get to whisper in his ear and ask for one item of clothing back or tell him what accessory you’re removing.

The final score is the BEST part. Whichever team scores the HIGHEST points is the number your Sir gets to enjoy his submissives body. Example: Lets say the highest score is 21 you will start the CLIMAX of the game with a Strip Tease for your Sir. Your Sir shall enjoy 21 times of pleasure be creative Sirs: implements: Floggers, whips, cane, Spanks, licks, sucks…