I try to be a good girl but sometimes it’s hard. If I do what I’m told and behave I get lots of toys and kisses from my daddy! My favorite things are cuddling, coloring and always having my blankie and when daddy calls me sweet pea! Every morning I get up before my daddy and go to work. My LITTLE day starts when I get home go upstairs enter the bedroom, get on my knees, put my hair in pigtails and center myself to be a LITTLE. Next, I stay on my knees and say my subPrayers to my daddy. Then I go about with my LITTLE mindset. Lots of the time it’s hard to be a LITTLE when your daddy leaves for work on Thursday-Monday. But there is always toys that make me giggle and I can use with daddy’s permission. Some days are harder to get into the mindset when I have had a ruff day at work, but daddy reminds me with punishment. In the evenings I go downstairs and make dinner for daddy and I serve it to him gladly.  Then after dinner I’m chained to the bed to my collar, which only allows me to be in the bedroom. I don’t mind it that much but I am daddy‘s LITTLEslave. Then I get to have Daddy daughter time which makes me giddy. At 9 o’clock I have to get off my technology, ie my phone and laptop.  I snuggle with daddy until it’s my bedtime at 10 or 11 and watch TV. When we first started d/s I was not always a LITTLE. I was a sub at first then we realized I had LITTLE tendencies so I became a LITTLE. Some days it’s hard I do mess up and don’t stay in LITTLEsub mindset but I get reminded or go take 10 minutes to center myself.


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