I will share at least once, a day I get ask …Do you have a CONTRACT?


Thanks, FSOG ! I believe everysubbie should talk to her Sir on this. The only right answer on having a CONTRACT is what you and your partner decide on.


  • In the beginning the more I www, the more I thought EEKS we must get a contract to do this. We had many conversations on this and we decided our contract was framed hanging on a wall I DO
  • Our first Ds year we were on a HIGH and really worked on re-establishing our original contract I DO


  • Year two, I call it our Ds ADVENTURES! Yes, munches, classes, events, clubs, hosting dinners and …Both truly embracing our Roles and fine tuning them
  • Year three…mmm there’s that contract thing again! So, many I meet have them. I have been soul searching on this contract thing. I have decided to ask Sir Tex about adding in commitments and a few more vows to our Original contract I DO! I think this is what will work for us. I feel when I have something in writing; signed and spoken it’s a BIG! I also want our Ds FLAVORS /dynamics to be in our original contract I DO
  • I finally feel like I have my answer and have been working on my add ons. I will present this to Sir Tex and go from there.
  • OOOOO perhaps its time for a vow Celebration? To be continued …^^