Many know my Sir travel LOTS !  I wanted to share something that was on my list this week.  If you have NEVER COLORED you should !  I hope you will share back How it makes you feel ?  Why you like it ?  What do you do with all your art work ?  Hearts ,  ^^

Dearest Curvey,

This week as I travel your list  to compete is in your nightstand draw. Prepare your body Thursday be in bed by 8pm waiting for me.

Write me a letter to explain Why you like to COLOR ?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for asking !  ^^ Likes to COLOR because,

  • I Have to STOP…it makes me stop moving…sit decompress !
  • The BW art turns into COLORS I choose, I can color a PINK cat if I want too LOL !
  • My head can clear, I can center…find my place back in this world
  • Much of my coloring I design as Birthday cards and give to people! I send goodie bags to the grandboys I will include a picture, I frame LOTS too !