Wishing for More subAfterNoons !

I lay like a cat, stretched out in the afternoon Sun, beaming through a Window hitting the floor!  My heart and breathing settles back to normal.. I’m  thinking long bubble bath or a steamy shower ?

WOZZZZ, Can it really be 12:20 in the afternoon?

These are the Best moments with my Sir,  The house will be just ours all Day!  I had not been given any instructions; just with a rub, a slight kiss and I can feel Sir is wanting me.  

Curvey Cat has had her first cup of coffee and my body is Alive and ready to play.  I ask Sir may I put on one of our favorite play list?  He smiles back at me.  The music fills the dark room, no lights or candles,  just sunlight seeping through the cracks in the window shutters.

^^ share… It doesn’t always have to be a grand 2+ hour scene,  Your legs don’t have to be shaved LOL! 

Embrace all moments with your DomHusband.