because Curveycat ^^ ask a billion times here’s my loose instructions


for chicken and dumplings :


As someone whom has trained as as a chef I rattled off a recipe or really loose instructions on how to make chicken n dumplings. When giving out recipes I prefer to give loose instructions. That way peeps can make the dish into their own masterpiece.


A comfort food is epic of yumminess. Food that makes you feel safe, warm, cared for, loved, and is sunshine in a bottle.


As in learning to cook takes time and practice, so does a D/s dynamic. If you’re just starting your D/s dynamic maybe you’ve been searching for those step by step instructions. A quirt of smacks here, two blind folds here, dash of yes Sir, and viola perfect Dom and perfect sub for a perfect dynamic. Poof! Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no perfect recipe.


Ingredients that goes into youD/s: These should be base of your relationship. Which are trust, honesty, openness, respect, commitment, and love. With these ingredients down you should be able to add whatever suits your dynamics


Melt butter add a tablespoon of flour cook till it gets golden brown add milk and chicken stock, throw in veggies, I use fresh, usually it’s carrots, celery, green beans, onions, and potatoes. Add in cooked chicken, add bay leafs, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper to taste, cook on low till veggies are fork tender. Make dumpling by using pancake mix eggs and milk. Add in globs of that and cover pot with lid. I think it takes about ten minutes for the dumplings to cook.


The main thing is getting the Roux cooked, don’t over it cook it. That’s the butter and flour mixture if it gets burnt it will add an awful bitter flavor.

thank you for sharing